Nature's Window 3 Monitor

The latest from Nature's Window - the NW 3 model. If you can't have your windows open due to the weather, allergies, security concerns, or any other reason, you can still enjoy your favorite outdoor sounds with Nature's Window. You can be the first in your neighborhood to hear the spring birds; relax at night with the sounds of crickets without worrying about open windows; listen to your children playing outdoors without an open window letting allergens in or the air conditioning out. The extended probe wire with microphone at one end is passed through an open window that is then gently closed over the wire. The microphone picks up the sounds from a point just outside the house, and brings them in clearly. More distant objects, such as ponds or other outdoor habitats, can be heard easily by using an optional longer probe wire. Listen to the birds at your feeder year-round, or monitor what's going on at your nestboxes.

Nature's Window is a completely self-contained system for listening to outdoor sounds from the comfort of your home. Your Nature's Window comes with a probe with a five-foot cable and AC power adaptor as standard features. Nature's Window does not gobble up expensive batteries. Additionally, Nature's Window does not require burdensome transmitters, receivers, or outdoor wiring that you have to contend with. Nature's Window's sensor is very small and unobtrusive. All critical sections of each Nature's Window are hand-built in the USA using the highest quality components to assure you pure, natural sound. Sounds are not processed or altered by Nature's Window; hence, you hear exactly what is going on outside your window.

We carry both standard 6' probe and extended 30, 50' and 70' probe units.

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